This Code of Conduct applies to all registered Users in the form of individuals and companies (each a "User" or "you/your") who have a valid contract with OmniSavy based on the Terms and Conditions (the "Agreement").

The objective of the Code of Conduct is to ensure a healthy coexistence among Users who have an OmniSavy Membership and to foster an environment of professionalism among the different parties involved.

Failure by a User to comply with this Code of Conduct as determined by OmniSavy may be grounds for termination of the Agreement between the User and OmniSavy.

1. Independence

OmniSavy is independent of any governmental organization, civil association, etc. and respects the positions of its Users as long as they comply with applicable laws and are not the object of illegal activities.

2. Inclusion

OmniSavy respects all persons without discrimination on the basis of gender, religion, profession, sexual orientation, among others, to the extent that they comply with applicable laws. OmniSavy therefore expects its Users to show the same kind of respect to each other and to the outside.

3. Impartiality

OmniSavy seeks to be objective and transparent when granting special recognition to a User, clearly communicating the reasons and criteria for such recognition and avoiding favoritism and advantageous treatment among Users. OmniSavy expects its Users to respect such motives and criteria.

4. Integrity

OmniSavy is governed by high ethical and professional standards, valuing trust and respect between individuals in compliance with applicable laws. Therefore, OmniSavy expects the same behavior from Users.


5. Innovation

OmniSavy is constantly looking for ways to provide more and better value to its Users who consume its Services. Therefore, OmniSavy expects continuous feedback from its Users in order to continue to improve.